Stanford [prison] experiment and the odyssey

Is it a good title ?

When people see it will they be interested ?

It is like comparing an apple and a pear.

That is from a dutch saying about comparing things that do not match and therefore the comparison is to some degree a mismatch. It is generaly taken to mean it is not comparable.

This writing will be accompagnied with a lot of contemplation to become reaware of the track i am on . To reset it straight. Also to call on artistic framing.

The odyssey is artistic writing.

We are stuck.

Tucked away.

Put in jail.

We are blind on the fact that we are prisoner.

Child of prisoners.

Read the presentation on the website of the stanford prison experiment before continuing reading this.

Then go to and eat in a restaurant and commit the immoral act of liking your plate clean.
When you do that you will know we are prisoners of a moral jail.
When you do it you will feel how deep ingrained this moral taboo is in yourself.
This those not work in Japan. There it is a complement to the chef.
They have their taboos.

That is mild. That moral taboo is mild compare to other more insane moral taboos.


Just as insane as president Trump. May we pray for him and not condemn him.


Insane from the jail we are in.
Insane with the jail we are in

Some of us are more guards in our jail and some are more prisoner.
We are all prisoner.

Those at the top of our prison and those at the bottom.
Those at the top worked themselves to the top.
Some have family or friends at the top.
Those families and friends have worked themselves to the top.
Or they have family or friends who have worked themselves to the top.

Moral jail.







We are a society in which the members are alienated.
That is why there are terrorist.

The book “The little girl with the matchsticks” is ALL about that alienation.

Ooo such an endearing story. Best seller book.

An endearing story about a harsh reality of poverty, of not being seen , of being rejected.


We do not see them when we pass them on the street.


They hold their hand out for some scraps.

Alienated, rejected.

A few cents they may get

A few cents

A few




Little dots

Little dots they are

Few in stature.

Put down by those high in stature.

Put down by those medium in stature.

Put down by almost all.


Few in numbers

Few in numbers are they that help them.

Few in numbers of money the help has to help them.


Few because of high in alienation. Euphemized as individualism.

Few because of rejection.

Rejection because of alienation.

Alienation of love.

Alienation of heart

Many post mimes of love and heart on facebook.

Many buy songs of loves.
Voiced mimes they are.

Slings of songs forming slings of mimes abut love and heart.



Few in being loved

High in mimes of love

Few in being connected, in connecting.

High in mimes, high in mimicking love connecting.

Alien nation is the norm. Connecting is alien.

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Shifting’s in my head

I just walk from the front of my apartment and felt a shift in my head.

In the back I have my laptop on.

In the front of the apartment I am making a sandwich..

When I walked to the back to continue working on my laptop I felt the computer becoming part of my consciousness. That is normal. I am shifting my thinking to it.
What is new is that I sense it becoming part of my consciousness

When I took a break to eat I could sense 2 people reading it.

Now I feel more than 2 people reading it.

Is that real or imagined ?

A day ago I was walking from the city to the country side and back, at night.

There is a curfew at midnight. I got back in time, do not worry. I only did half the walk
The curfew is an anti Covid-19 method here in Belgium.

In the countryside my consciousness was freer which I noticed when I came back in the city.

My new post where poetic because my head had no space for anything else.


Walking from city sphere to countryside sphere

Walking from one engulfment to another.

Curfew minded so half a walk.

Home on time.

minded by the engulfment.

Lid on minded in the city.

Lid of minded in the country side.

Smelling car fumes on the side.

Yesterday a video.

O. facebook.

Difficult landings of commercial aircraft.

Followed by live broadcast from Slongs.

1″ in to the broadcast with “Jesus is with us”

Theme of the evening.

Dream, Dejavu and related stuf.

airplane video :

Slongs :

Keep it going. Mood. Bike ride

Dozens of thoughts to write, imagining writing them or saying them.
Not risking living in fantasy or (keep) postponing, so I write now.


There is always a mood, with that belongs a writing style

Poetry has a different mood than reporting or than a novel.

The mood I am in is related ( ?= placed, formed from a specific. prelated ?= placed , formed in advance ?)

I am getting blocked on being mindful on this. Not sure why yet.
Mindful takes effort. Because it involves setting myself on being mindful.
Setting myself out of expressing or setting myself on doing both.

Whatever it is I am doing I am set, If I read a condemning text my mind is placed in condemning. The mind is co-aligned, hypnotized.

The environment I am in also sets in me , that depends on how open I am set.
When I open myself up more than I am standard wise than me is more like the enviroment. I did that ones in a hospital visiting my father – some years ago.
I than spontaneous washed my hands with alcoholic cleaner set there for it.

I am also setting myself in relation to the environment. In a forest I set myself to quiet, slow walking, open.


In the background you are present.

Putting things in a shine.

I can set it.

Mostly it is set

Each location it’s shine

I am too much a flag to it’s wind.

The exhaustion in the top of my head seems a lot to be from others.

It involves my eyes, ears and my trigeminal nerve.

A puzzle that. Not respecting it nor understanding is a bad way to go.

Took a long bike ride today (monday , jan 11, 2021), more than 7 hours.

Just back in time for the food store.

It did me well

Health welled up.

Have to do it more.

Not the route I planned.

An empathically challenging route

A long busy road I went.

Huee my head.

Better to be empathically challenged on a bicycle ride.

Than being empathically challenged in my city apartment.

No not that simple.

At home I can better investigate my state of mind (mine ?).

So each is best differently.

Mine a primary mine it is.

Extracting from it what is placed in it.

Placed in ?

So it is not primary.


Good that I looked beyond first thought.

To the bike ride – eventful , thus report-worthful it is – we return.

On the way back.

I experienced regretting going back to the city.

I also experienced a sad feeling emerging in me.

Which I accepted and was curious about.


I as I came in the spiritual sphere of the city

A spirit put away that sadness.

Tat’s all for today folks. It is late. 1:05 in morning here

Bike ride today


By contrast.

I just contemplated about a Siberian shamanistic event
Relatiekoorden zuiveren Online – EnergyBoost

I got a response from deeper in me. That I had to go my way.

My way, my self

  • layered section
    Each layer had it’s value. There is my common human layer with it’s complexities.
    With it’s configurations : Intellectual, male, white, common Belgian culture, from my family, Americanised european culture – non native american – , sexist ( rebeling against it), … …
    That’s the surface layer. With it comes a blindfold for the deeper layers, A on my third eye,
    So far the head section, layer, manned by a captain that is blinded to anything but what his 5 senses give him. Powered with a logic that’s skewered from the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. God you are forgiven.

Now I notice that I have entered a bit of a condemning mindset.

As for the other sections, layers

They are obscure – for the captain in the head -. ( not the toilet on an old sailingship – which was placed in the head of the ship, except for the captain’s )

By practicing focusing your consciousness on them you gradually learn them.
Which has its blessings and curses.
With setting your focus there is also an intention that goes along.
The intention to get know things or the intention to change things.
Thirdly there accompanies also a framework, a perception, a filter

De-obscuring that is difficult for me currently and temporary. Now that I am writing this it’s from the captain’s chamber. Which is up front in my head. If I want to write spot on I get a headache because it involves shifting my brain. Which is charming exhaustion.

That exhausted is complex natured. :

Neurological it involves my trigeminal nerve. Which spread across the front of my head from it’s bottom at the lower jaw to the top, my forehead, My forehead is bald and tight. It also get’s to the ears.

Spiritual it involves my empathy to some degree. Having other peoples feelings in my head.
It also seems to involve , not completely being on my spiritual path
In the summer of 2019 I was desperate. I went to place across the city and the river to get a spiritual answer to my suffering. I got an answer. I saw that I need to take a trip and that on that trip I would heal.
I suspect it can be called a coming home journey.

outside and needs


Wandeling gedaan.

Alleen. – vrij uitgenodigd – . Hebben we elkaar gemist of kwamen jullie niet ?

We hebben allemaal nood aan buiten komen. wordt ook nu gepromoot door de overheid (belgische) . We hebben nood aan positief sociaal contact.Ik heb nood aan vaak fietsen en wandelen. Iedereen eigenlijk. Parken voldoen niet genoeg op zich. Ik heb nood aan platteland. Parken is goed voor een uurtje. Platteland 2 uurtjes of meer. Ik bedoel puur op nodige tijd voor verplaatsing. Platteland werkt sterker. Misschien dat 4 u in park gelijk staat aan 2 u platteland qua effect en niet qua reis tijd.

Ik heb ook nood aan nieuwe plekken.



open invitation.

Did we miss each other?

Or did you not come ?

We all need to walk, we all need nature. Belgian government proments to do your things outside. Some years ago I sewed by hand in a park on a bench.

Walking in a city park is different then a walk in the country side. A walk in the country side does me more good than a walk in a city park. City is stressssfull .But that also depends on how I am set towards it.

I was sometime ago volunteering in a neighbour hood center centre. People were where busy talking. I experience a lot of stress with it. Until.

Until I noticed it was my reaction that made it stressful. I decide immediately to stop that. Seemed wise. I am sure you agree. It worked immediately. Stress gone.

Life is a maze with sirens and walls. Clearing the mace. Then I find vitality, clarity, grace.

Ancient metaphors.

New life.

What’s new sugar ?


So I need to walk or ride bicycle. Better in the countryside than in the city.

I learned this spring that it does a lot of good to do garden , farm work.
but it also does me a lot of good to be my own.

I also need new places, meeting new people and visiting places for spiritual reason, write poetry or do other art work, but my head is more set on science and technology.
Hart and head symbiotic relationship

auhm. amen ohm


rumi words.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”

Hier laat ik even Runi voor mij spreken. Eigenlijk in tegenspraak met wat het zegt.

Niet vertrouwen op Rumi, vertrouwen op mezelf. noch op jesius of boeddha of mohamed.

Net zoals planeten kunnen gebruikt worden om via hun zwaartekracht een ruimtetuig e versnellen. Zo zet ik nu waar ik voor sta met – RUMI geprezen zijt gij , dus mezelf prijs ik dan niet. IN contrast.

Rumi jongen gelijkaardig ons pad moge zijn. Het is toch verschillend. Als u ik volg in hoevere volg ik dan mij. Maar gij kunt mij wel helpen als toonbeeld net als een obstakel mij helpt.

Dit schrijven help mij ook.

Here I speak Rumi’s word’s. Actualy in violation of the words themshelves.


Just like using the planets by-lay of their gravity to accelerate a spaceship
So III am by – RUMI praised they are – so i praise not myself.
in Contast.

Rumi boy. our paths are similar but if I follow your path I follow not my path.
But you are usefull as a image. Like an obstacle is usefull as a pause.

This writing is also useful