Stepping stones

basebal analogy to karma

karma. throw slam catch from base to base

Torii. stepping stones. blinded

touching base

touching base not easy

The shirt is mine. the other pics not. expect for my use of them.

One thing leads to another.

Yesterday put me on A base.

I saw a performance  ( ) . I was moved. First base.
It was her first solo performance. It’s about love, infatuation, one night stands, going to a medicine man to help her find her soul mate – didn’t help -, singing in different musical styles. etc.
I enjoyed it. But after the the show I was sitting in the bar. Alone. Looking around. next to me in a corner was a little tree.  I looked curious at it. I the noticed what spirit I had. A negative one. When I looked back at the people I couldn’t feel it. Blocked. When I looked at the tree I touched base. To some degree.

I walked  around a bit there, looking. Not feeling comfortable. paying attention to my mind and feelings.. I ended on top of some stairs overlooking the people. Standing still for a bit. I left in a perspective mood

walked in the city, ending in the bar “den hopsack”  “where everybody knows your name” Cheers.
While walking I soon stopped at the corner of a street, looking  around. After a few minutes I continued. I was in no rush. I was to some degree at ease, at peace. Another base, gate.

At some point I recognized that “touching base” as in sensing,unveiling the truth, getting clarity is what I needed. but also what everybody needs.


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