Today I felt embarrassed toward a woman. When I looked for why. I felt I was embarrassed because I love her.

I was at a table filled with people preparing a community meal. at first after my discovery I was quiet, surprised.

I said

“I have a problem”. I was asked why.

“I find myself embarrassed toward you”.

“why ?”

At first I was quiet. Then I looked towards the source again.

“because I love you” : even writing this last sentence causes a little anguish.

This is not the first time I did such a thing.

After words I feel better. Relieved.

2 thoughts on “embarrassment

  1. guybon Post author

    It is necessary.
    Before I spoke up. Which did require courage. I was filled with the curse of fear
    Which chains me with mentally poisonous thorns. The only cure is to see the truthful origin. And go against the fear, the same.

    This was just one instance, one battle.

    It is necessary to do the same, similar for other thorny bushes.

    Not personally. But also community wise.

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