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identity, spirit

for all things for which we have an identity we also have a state of mind ( a spirit) for handling them, an opinion about them.

It is semi-automatic for all.

for a brother, a sister, a father, a friend, a teacher, a mayor, a neighbor, a colleagues,a woman,a man,a child,

It determines how we receive them, how we respond.

We carry a lot of things with us.
A blindness.  a tendency not to see. A not looking.
A rushing, hup hup hup. out of tune.
A not correcting when we do see.
Not developing ourselves, giving away responsibility ( the ability to respond), response

But that’s a different matter. ( a different mother of things)

Back to identity, and state of mind.

We can chose our state of mind. In other word’s , give ourselves a different state of mind.  Our state of mind can be influenced seemingly by outside things.. like music, or what we read. Our state of mind is nothing but a response then.
A strong momentum it has.

A state of mind is like an arrow that is on your bow.

An example:

I was walking through a little Forrest an came upon house with a cement or concrete wall. In me welled up the emotion of ugly with regard to that wall;
followed by the thought  “Hey I’m ruing my state of mind by my opinion of the covering of that wall”.  I disagreed with that. I responded by closing my eyes . putting my focus on the covering of that wall. and adopting a neutral opinion on it. I opened my eyes and the wall looked warm grey. That was much better.

We all have such arrows.