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I walked the red line As long as I was not working on my near-sightedness my feet stayed stress-less. De walk lasted more than 3 hours. I started with  loosening exercises at home. That went well.  Then I remembered that that walking gave extra.

I could keep the lose, relaxed.

The complete picture requires more explanation :
Relaxing, opening, expanding, freedom of motion, light step, moving in flow, stopping thoughts ( for brief moments), low stress. not traditional motion.

Traditional doing that is more limited. Because it reduces, clenches, grasps. In taichi (Taoism) they train not to do that.


Picture: spread your arms relaxed, breathing in. Like you do in nature, forest, mountains…  Well, that’s it, in a nutshell.
How your body, spirit, is then.

I just realize that’s not everything, or maybe it ts.

The autonome nervos system, and the cardiovascular – hart (cardio) and veins (vascular) is also important.  youre getting some latin with this message too.

Eq.: Problems with sore feet (stressed)  do not happen then.

To put things clear. I’m walking in a trance then.

How you do It then. The million dollar question.

Spirit, intention, “my wish is my command”.  It is sort of like imagination things, as in kid play.
Doubt, anger, open-minded,…. are inspirations, invigorations . Like the founder of Jezuïts Ignatius_of_Loyola discovered, reading books, while lying in a hospital bed. He gave exercises for them. He isn’t alone,mind you, the boeddhist, taoist… also have there own.

Thinking about relaxation doesnt relax. So relaxing is not a thought exercise.
Ist is a inspiratiional, vibe exercise. music inspires.
This is becoming quit expanded, funny.

It is therefore an exercise in inspiration and de-inspiration. You inspire and  your body follows.
Your wish is your command.

Mind you though when dictating an inspiration to yourself. the dictating bit isn’t inspired.

eg.: relaxing. The relaxer (what’s that) isn’t relaxed. You can do that separately, or include it.

Don’t worry. It is  not as complicated as it seems.

The exercise above. It’s  easy.

Breathing that nature your giving yourself inspiration. That’s the game. Notting more to it.

When your playing a video game you have an inspiration, a vigor .

Seems clear to me.

You can chose an invigoration. When your reading, riding a bike, walking, computer, sex. you do it with standard ,automatic, inherited inspirastion, vigor.
But you can chose,change the vigor.

Taichi exercise : simply moving calmy or exercising inspiring, invigorating the mind an body with calm, openness, energy, freedom.


My body lye’s head off my brain in following relaxation, invigoration, inspiration, but it gradually catching-up


The additional of this message has become more important than the simple message of that I walked.

Reporting  fromt the viavia café, signing off.