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Hello everybody.

Today I wondered about my life. my future. I have an interested in science, technology, psychology, spirituality. But unlike my family I have little interest in art. My father is a painter my brother draws and has taught himself guitar, now he is learning cello in school.

When I thought (not taught) what is the most important. What do i want to make my lives work? Spirituality pops up. Which spiritual road do I take ?

I’m not agnost, In my view they are right and wrong. It all depends on what you used.
Point of view, tool, what you accept, discard. You can not hear through thinking, only through listening.

My calculating skill do not improve if I use calculator. My skill in using a calculator increases.

What and how I occupy my time determines what I see, develop, have.



meaning of words.

languages are constructed according to a frame of reference.

written language is never random.
The shape of the character always is representative of the meaning .

hebrew = The shape of the characters represent the philosophical,spiritual meaning of the  character.
Tibetan = The shape of the character is an image of the meaning. each character is a word.
The character for earth in Tibetan language is an image. Basically a block under a line and connected to that on the left side it has line going down. earth, mass, gravity,block

I had a dream

I had a dream!  said Martin Luther King

This is a dream of mine.

I was in a city running away from something; Found a hiding place.

The dream changed to to a hallway of a school.
Where sitting on the floor of an intersection is a female shaman, medicine woman.
Giving me verbal directions, which I didn’t understand.

She then guided me to the left and in a room. where I said goodbye to people.
the only person I recognized was Greet. A woman that I know and for who I have feelings. I found what she said not interesting and moved on.
then the dream ended. It was morning.

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* mer

Descends, je trouve ma mer.
Descendre de mon un, le “je”.  Mon nous elevé.
Le nous qui je suis.

Je suis un nous.
nous sommes un je.

Un nous sans vous.

Vous avez aussi cette nous.

je suis un île.
quand je descens je suis un mer.
Marin dans mon mer.

Un mer aux côtés d’ autres mer.
Mais ta mer est plus proche.

Mais il ya une mer qui est proche de mon tête.

What am I ?

What am I ?
I belief I have lose of conscience,memory.
Not just me but
All humans certainly.
All animals maybe.
Do not know of plants.
Certainly even less of minerals.
So called dead matter.

Conscience must be a fundamental force.

Thinking does not give more conscience.
“Listening” with conscience, I am sure does.